As a member of Vietnamese Irish Network of Adoptive Families (VINAF), you will be added to our mailing list and will be updated on events and VINAF news on a regular basis.

There is a list of pre and post adoptive members available so that you can discuss issues with people at a similar stage in the process to you, or indeed people further along the process for some help and advice.  This list is voluntary and you are free to unsubscribe yourself  from this mailing list whenever you want.

Vinaf membership allows you access to our ‘Members only’ private Facebook group where you can also discuss issues and post questions to fellow members. You can also contact us by email at with questions/queries at any time.

If you would like to register as a member then please use the Paypal Tab for membership renewal or contact us at The current membership fee is €25.

(The registration fee will be used for subsidizing events as well as stationery charges such as postage, photocopies, etc.).

VINAF is a  volunteer-run organisation, but we should acknowledge your membership application within 3-4 weeks. If  for any reason you haven’t heard from us in that time please contact us at either or