Vietnamese Delegation visit Helping Hands in Cork

June 26, 2012

A Delegation from the Vietnamese Government visited Helping Hands adoption agency today (26/06/12)
There were some families and children adopted from Vietnam to greet them and exchange small gifts.
The delegation:

1. Mr Nguyen Van Binh, Director General, Dept of Adoption, MOJ, Head of Delegation
2. Mr Pham Van Nguyen, head of A64 Division, Ministry of Public Security 

3. Ms Trieu Thi Thu Thuy, Deputy Head of Policy and Legal Documents Division, MOJ 
4. Mr Phan Dang Kien, Desk Officer, Dept of Adoption, MOJ
5. Ms Tran Thu Hoa, Dept of Civil and Economic Laws, MOJ, Interpreter
6. Ms Nguyen Hanh Dung, interpreter, Embassy secretary/Assistant to Ambassador
Some photos from today.
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